Bare Possum Digital Marketing specialise in creating and building your online presence to increase brand recognition and sales leads through a combination of organic, digital marketing tactics.

Creativity, design and digital marketing are BPDM’s forte. When we work together, you’ll get great ideas, unique content tailored to your business, on-point design and highly effective marketing strategies; simply, tactics that work.



I get it, websites and digital marketing can seem simple to do… Hiring someone an unnecessary expense… I agree!  I’ll make it look simple, because I’ve worked and studied for years to ensure it does. It can be expensive when you throw your hard earned money into the wilderness and hope for the best…

Ask yourself – How many hours have you sat, staring at your screen, trying to figure out:

  • How to build a business website (that actually shows up on search engine results)
  • several DIY options that are way harder than what they advertise and do little for your online/google presence
  • What the best content to post on social media is
  • What social media sites to post on?
  • What content should you post to instagram/facebook/Pinterest/LinkedIn/Twitter?
  • What time is best to post to instagram/facebook/Pinterest/LinkedIn/Twitter?
  • How to grow your small business without ads?
  • Do you need a marketing strategy?
  • Do you need a website?

You’ve spent days, weeks, months sacrificing your social life or business tasks building a site, creating and posting content,  writing blogs, only to get little to no response and no one visiting your site…All that effort, why isn’t it working?

BPDM will work along side you deploying a suite of strategies and tactics individual to you, your business, your goals and your budget.


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Show Don’t Tell: How to make great content

Show Don’t Tell: How to make great content

Looking how to make successful social media content? Small business marketing with a tight budget can be tough. Learn how to make great content with little to no money required. Free guide, no mail opt-in required!

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

What is SEO and how can it help your business to get noticed and be seen on search engines? Find out what Search Engine Optimisation is and how important it is for marketing your business.

why customer profiling is important.

why customer profiling is important.

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