Hi, I’m Claire.

Owner, designer & talented plate-spinning possum

Claire Spence :

Owner | Designer | Digital Marketer

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A creative creature from the very beginning, I began my career as a web and graphic designer at 19 (that’s a really long time ago), both locally in the Wollongong area, and in Sydney.

Restless after the death of a beloved family member, I spent two intensive years furthering my design acumen at the Enmore design Centre before working for various employers over many (more) years.

After some time out of the workforce to start a family, and with an ongoing obsession with learning, I undertook further training with The Left Bank to refine my digital marketing skills.

Bare Possum Digital Marketing was born in April 2018 during a tenure working as an in-house marketing professional for an Illawarra based law firm.

As demand for my services began to build, it became apparent I could step away from my position and focus on the needs of my small business clients, helping them to drive the business performance with online marketing services.

With the online world progressing at a furious pace, you’ll find me nose down in marketing articles, with a pile of books towering beside my bed and generally flipping between 2 audiobooks and a handful of podcasts (also a great way to put children to sleep during long car rides), just to keep abreast of digital changes, up-skilling and keeping up with marketing trends.

I spend any downtime I can get (insert hysterical laugh), in the kitchen cooking up a storm, laughing my hiney off at stand-up comedy, and enjoying off-grid time to balance and rest my square-eyes.


Why choose BPDM?

I actually know my stuff, it’s not just smoke and mirrors –

I have qualifications in: 

  • Graphic Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development (WordPress)
  • Digital Marketing (paid & organic)
  • Technical and on-page SEO
  • Copy, Blog & Article Writing
  • Project Management
  • Account Management

I don’t churn & earn. Your projects are original, customised to you, your business, and your goals. 

There’s no BS. If I can help, I will.
If it’s outside of my skill or time capabilities, I’ll refer you to another business who can help. (competitive > collaborative) 

I suffer from “give-a-s***-itis”, I’m not in it, just for the profits, I care about your success and growth and especially outputting high-quality work


Your success is my success


I’m professional, but chilled. No stuffy suits and board rooms, or confusing overly-engineered reporting and charts

We’ll probably end up friends, I’m like that.


The strength of digital marketing vs traditional marketing is the ability to reach audiences specific to, and

interested in your business
(Instead of an all or no-one approach)

Unlike traditional marketing (like radio and print), digital marketing
specialists can monitor who your advertising is reaching, make quick
adjustments where needed (during the campaign), and report on the return you are getting on your spend.





That depends, how long is a piece of string? wink

Each business is different, and it is really subjective due to varying project elements, sizes, objectives and length of engagement.  This is why I do not offer a “one-size-fits-all” price list.

You may need a once off-project, occasional help or want to keep me on a monthly retainer to get the full scope of my skills.

Bare Possum focuses on organic digital marketing tactics; Services you pay to set up and then don’t have to continually inject money into, to get results (like pay-per-click/ google ads and Facebook boosts, etc).

I know a long-game (in terms of results and sales traction) is far more beneficial to your business (and budget) than throwing money towards ads and highly-sought-after (see: expensive and diluted) keywords.

If you are after PPC Google search ads and Facebook pros, give me a holler; My people know people. I’ll hook you up.


Yes and No, it’s a bit of a blurry line, sometimes.

The easiest (but, by no means the most definitive way) to break it down:

Advertising is: “here is my product, this is why you need it; Buy it now or you’ll miss out. 

Marketing is:  “I see you’re in the bookstore looking at recipes, I love cooking too, here’s an example of a meal I made from X book by X author, so delicious, everyone loved it! it’s sold in this shop if you want to make it too”

Advertising = Info + pricing

Marketing – Research + emotion + benefits.

Digital Marketing is a combination of advertising and marketing depending on the discipline practiced.


Graphic Design:

  • Social media squares
  • Social media cover pages
  • Website graphics

Logo Design:

  • New business branding
  • logo refresh.
  • logo redraws/recreation (of old outdated files

Social Media Management

  • Creation and deployment of posts
  • Community management and interaction
  • Moderation of groups

Website Design 

Interface design (UX designer) – I’ll design the look and feel of your website with SEO and user-friendly navigation (UI) to maximise visitors achieving the goal you set (buying, enquiring, etc) and endure the designs are ready to hand over to the talented crew who put the engine in and make it run (Web site developers). 

If you don’t have a web developer you love, I can hook you up. 


Whether you’re a start-up and need a kick-off package (logos & social media setup) or a medium to large business who needs to outsource social media management on a retainer basis, I can help you out.

Contact me and start a conversation


Why pay an electrician, plumber or lawyer?

Paying a specialist to do what they do best in a technical field, ensures you get the optimal outcome and guaranteed quality of work in the minimum amount of time, with far lower stress. 

Whilst I get to do what I love (and excel at), you get to focus on your passion, your business and more importantly building your profits. 

Do what you do best, outsource the rest!


Ahh, the crazy name… I get asked that a lot. 

The reason for the quirky business name, is two-fold: 

1) It’s hard to forget, even if you call it bare possum, or barefoot, or that possum place; I’ve hooked a barb in your memory to recall my services (I should be in marketing 😉 )

2) My son’s nickname is bear, and my daughter’s, Possum (naww). I started my business so I could be available for and the best parent, for them.

BPDM is for them, their legacy…