what does social media management entail?

Give me the keys to your car, and I’ll take it to the track to push it to the limits. 

Race-car drivers are experts at? You guessed it, racing cars. Just like a professional driver, BPDM knows social media and how to drive traffic from the screen to the accounts department.

I’ll take the reins, and deploy great content for your business. I’ll interact with your audience, and network, using proven tactics to build brand recognition and traffic funnels. At the end of each month, you’ll get an easy-to-read progress report so you know you are getting results.

Of course, there is more to it than that, but simply, you can focus on your business, whilst I build your online presence & customer base.

Think of social media management as lead-generating automation with personalisation

How much does social media management cost?

I work on a standard rate of $60.00 per hour, with retainer & campaign contracts available to secure the best pricing, up to 40% off my hourly rate.

Most social media management clients opt to outsource 3 channels and require a minimum of 5 hrs per week for basic maintenance and management.


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Why professional graphic design is important

Great design plays a crucial role to ensure your business stands out online where consumers are bombarded with seemingly endless content.  Professionally produced graphics give you a point of difference, an edge to the competition; Effectively communicating your marketing message to the target audience using proven visual communication tools. Graphic designers ensure continuity of brand identity and tone and result in increased recognition of your business. 

I’ll build your brand’s recognition and generate leads with professionally designed graphics for your social media, websites and printed collateral. 

New business? no problems! 

BPDM will create an affordable business logo that includes a suite of ready-to-use versions for social media, business cards, letterheads and more. I’ll also send you branding guidelines to help your staff and contractors keep your brand correct and consistent.

I can create ad-hoc advertisement content or ageless posts for your social media feeds. Alternatively, engage me on a retainer basis and I’ll work with you to create strategies and content to accelerate your business on channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube.

One-off unique social media posts or graphics for your website completely customised to your business branding or a full suite that you can re-use. Yours to keep.

How much do graphic design services cost?

Personally, it depends on the work you engage me for. You may need a simple graphic to market your business, or a suite of designs to keep and re-use. As a baseline, I  work on a standard rate of $60.00 per hour, with campaign &  bulk purchase discounts available.

A single post graphic will take a minimum, 1 hour of my time and can be produced in a day (excluding approval and review processes).


What is the difference between website design & website development?